I’m Billy Gigurtsis, an IT professional from London, England. My career started around two years ago training as a desktop support engineer. Since then I’ve expanded my experience through multiple contracts in various IT support roles. I hope to transition away from IT support into infrastructure within the next 1-2 years. To this end, I have been upskilling by learning CentOS / RedHat to become certified as a RedHat Systems Administrator.

I built this website partly as a learning exercise. It’s Jekyll based, hosted on AWS/GitHub with CI/CD integration. I’m an avid programmer, currently using Python and C/C++ for an Arduino project. I’ve also begun learning Clojure to satiate my interest in functional programming. Most of these projects can be found on my GitHub.

In my spare time I love to volunteer. I have the time and the skills so it makes sense to use those to help where I can. Recently I travelled to northern Sweden to help integrate youth back into society. I also participate as a mentor in my local ‘CoderDojo’ where children come to learn about programming through Scratch. You can read about the rest of my volunteering roles at the bottom of my CV.

Another of my interests is film, especially documentaries. For me it’s an easy way to learn about everything from obscure social movements to what it’s like to live in the Taiga. Have a look at my letterboxd profile for a list of my favourite films.

I hope you enjoy my website and please get in touch if you have any questions - or just want to chat!

Kat and I